SPOKANE, Wash.—A local man has an unusual job that some may call chilling.

Chet Caskey walks among the living, but his work involves the dead.

Over the years, many Spokane residents have grown old, eventually passing with time.

However, according to those who believe, some stay behind even after death.

"A ghost is a shadow of the living that often occurs when at the time of death, there is a big electromagnetic surge of emotional energy that does not go away and lingers sometimes for hundreds of years," said Caskey. "That could be a serial killer tormenting his victim, it can be a great love, it can be a mother who dies and fears for who will care for her child," he said.

As a ghostologist and historian, Caskey is an expert on Spokane's paranormal stories, even writing several books documenting what he has heard.

"They are real human beings with real stories," he said.

Caskey moved to Spokane 11 years ago after living in New Orleans for 40 years, where tales of ghosts and even blood sucking vampires, are not uncommon.

However, it was in Spokane, where he found a passion for work some would call different.

Like the story of Reverend John D. Lake, buried in Spokane in 1935.

"Something happened in the 1890's that convinced him that he had an electromagnetic healing power," said Caskey. "That he could heal people simply by holding his hands over them. He was said to have healed over 100,000 people that were victims of disease and accidents, even for people that were totally blind," he said.

Caskey is a tour guide, taking people to haunted mansions, cemeteries and places where the paranormal are said to thrive.

He said he's seen strange things he cannot explain, but when it comes to the stories he hears, he takes no position.

"Are the stories in my books and tours, are they true? I have no idea but some of them are quite fantastic or terrifying," he said.

Caskey leads ghost tours all over Spokane and if anyone is interested in hearing more about Spokane's paranormal, you can visit his website.