LAKE PEND OREILLE, Idaho—There are many places to spend time on the water in The Inland Northwest, however, none of them offer the space for activities like Lake Pend Oreille.

The lake is the largest in Idaho. It is 43 miles long with 111 miles of shoreline.

There are parts of the lake that are more than 1,100 feet deep, making it the fifth deepest lake in the nation.

Lake visitors use all that area to have all sorts of fun.

Visitor Anna Frisch said she has been going to the lake her entire life. She said her dad bought a cabin there in 1978.

“My best memories are like me and my siblings hanging out on the lake, skiing, tubing, pushing each other in, hurting feelings,” said Frisch.

Day on the Lake Boat Rentals employee, Cory Sanders said the fun is all about the water. He said seeing people’s reactions is what taking people out onto the lake is all about.

“They try something new and their reaction their expression everything about it is just a good vibe. And that's just the way it is and it's the way it should be and it's fun,” said Sanders.

Lake visitor Bri Coulombe said this was her first lake experience. She said so far, it’s been a good one.

"It's a good chance to unplug and hang out with friends and not worry about the rest of the world,” said Coulombe.

These visitors were not the only ones who enjoyed their time on the water.

Reports said swimming was one of the top five reasons visitors made a trip to North Idaho.

Water sports were also a big draw for Washington state. People spent more than $8 billion on water sports back in 2015.