SPOKANE, Wash.—The Inland Northwest is home to countless outdoor activates for people to enjoy. That includes what some people argue is the most popular mountain bike trail in the region: The Hiawatha Trail.

The Hiawatha Trail stretches through the Bitterroot Mountains in North Idaho. The trail takes riders through tunnels and follows old train tracks. The mountainous location of the scenic trail gives mountain bikers a chance to encounter wildlife in the Inland Northwest.

All of these are factors why The Hiawatha Trail was nationally acclaimed as “one of the most scenic stretches of trail in the country."

Experts said another reason for the trail’s popularity is its accessibility.

The self-proclaimed Prime Minister of North Idaho Bike Trails, Richard Shaffer, said the trail is for people of all levels of biking experience.

“You don't have to go fast, you don't have to go slow, you can pick your speed. And because of the trails we have,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer said besides bringing fun to the area, the trail brings in a huge economic benefit. He said the trail brought in more than 43,000 visitors last year.

To get more information on The Hiawatha Trail you can visit their website.