When it comes to supervising homework, Stephanie who is a mother of four, including 12-year-old twins, has a lot on her plate.

"The math doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever," she confessed.

Sometimes Stephanie is simply overwhelmed.

Marcia, one of her twins, said she has seen her mom walk out of the house to go sit outside on the porch for a bit.

"And she'll kind of be like, watching something, calming down. So, I'm like, 'do not disturb her,'" she said.

"I go out there to take deep breaths," said Stephanie.

What's a busy parent to do?

Stephanie said one thing that helps her is to start the homework clock the second her children get out of school.

"The kids often do a lot of homework in the car," she said. "I feel it's great because they're getting it done and then when we get home there's less for them to have to worry about."

One of her kid's teachers at Houston's Grace School had another tip. He said if parents do not understand their child's homework, they should not think their only option is to hire a tutor.

"There are more options than a tutor. A lot of teachers are available to help," said Grace Middle School English teacher John Evans. "Parents aren't always asking, 'How can I help my student learn,' or access information more and so it's refreshing when parents do."

He also said parents can turn to the good old Internet for cyberspace tutorials.

He said the sites listed below offer assistance with various subject matter.

For math:

Khan Academy

For English:

Spark Notes


For science:


Hopefully these tips will help you ditch the homework hassles and put those feelings of being overwhelmed behind you.