For the first time, a student with Down syndrome is in the running to be homecoming king at Lamar High School.

KHOU 11 News sat down with the candidate Wednesday.

“I wanted to change history being the first person with special needs to be homecoming king,” said Zachary Smith, a high school senior.

Zach says he’s campaigning on behalf of all students with special needs.

He knew exactly where to go to get his campaign off the ground – his Best Buddy, Carlton Smith.

Best Buddies is a program at Lamar High Schools where students with disabilities are paired with general education students.

“I think there is some competition, but I think Zach can win. He will win,” said Carlton.

“[Carlton] is my campaign manager, kind of,” Zach said. “He’s put up posters and made sure people vote for me.”

Students submitted their votes for homecoming king and queen Wednesday.

“It would be a really great honor to win, and I’m so proud of what I’ve done so far to get here,” Zach said.

The winners will be announced at the football game against Bellaire Saturday.