HOUSTON- A baby was born not once but twice at Texas Children's Hospital. In a rare procedure, doctors removed the baby from the womb to take out a tumor.

It was a magical moment.

"Lynlee didn't have much of a chance of making it," said Margaret Boemer, her mother.

Boemer was pregnant with twins, but lost one. Then at 16 weeks, she found out from a routine ultrasound there was a large tumor on her daughter's tailbone. It was so big she might not survive.

"I was coming for regular check-ups and by the time at 23 weeks the tumor was shutting her heart down and causing her to go into cardiac failure," said Boemer.

Faced with an unimaginable decision, the Boemer family allowed doctors at Texas Children's Hospital to remove the baby from the womb for a rare surgery.

"It was a choice of allowing her tumor to take over her body or giving her a chance at life," she said.

They found out the tumor was almost bigger than the baby herself. Once the procedure was complete, doctors put her back inside of her mom and she delivered on June 6, 2016 at 36 weeks by C-section.

"How exciting that she made it through and not only made it through but done so well and we are very thankful for the doctors," said Boemer.

At eight days old, Lynlee was operated on again to remove the rest of the tumor. She's left the Boemers beaming, as she continues to defy the odds.

"It'll be exciting to see how she grows up and what she does," said Boemer.

The condition Lynlee had is a rare birth defect called Sacrococcygeal Teratoma. It affects one in 40,000 pregnancies. Hers is the second case for Texas Children's.

The Boemers are from Lewisville, Texas. They will be back at T.C.H. for checkups, but Lylnee is expected to live a normal life.

Video courtesy of Texas Children's Hospital/ Paul V. Kuntz.