The crowds rolled in for Elton John Sunday night, but not without a few setbacks. Many fans said they waited for over an hour outside the Spokane Arena.

These were just some of the comments:

Some people said they couldn't find parking. Raneice Lauritzen said she showed up early but couldn't find a parking space.

For most people crowd management and lines were the issue. Jamie Lahnum said she waited for over an hour to get in with a couple of hundred people still behind her in line.

Quite a few people even missed the beginning of the show.

Spokane Arena officials said new security measures that were put in place last year contributed to extended wait times. The arena's spokesperson, Matt Gibson, said he will be speaking to the media after he and his team pinpoint all the issues and solutions that lead to Sunday's longer wait times.

Arena officials say they are not sure why concert goers weren't directed to alternate entrances. The majority of concert-goers tried to enter the southeast lobby, but only four of the arena's 22 metal detectors are stationed at that entrance. The entrance up top is the one that gave people the shortest wait of about 20 minutes. It's meant to accommodate larger crowds with over a dozen metal detectors.

Since October, the arena has enforced more security in response to high-profile shootings across the country. so the arena added metal detectors and bag searches. Since then, the arena says it has worked to prepare the community for heightened security.

The arena tweeted these guidelines in anticipation of Sunday's sold out show, but still the long lines formed.