SPOKANE, Wash --- Garth Brooks is coming to Spokane for the first time in almost 20 years, and some people are going through a roller coaster of emotion to buy tickets.

Brooks was set to play alongside his wife, Trisha Yearwood, in Spokane on November 11, but kept adding shows to keep up with demand for tickets.

This morning, people grabbed their devices in preparation to get tickets. Some people used multiple screens to stay updated on when the tickets became available at ten a.m.

“The suspense! This is too much for my heart,” said Briana Bermensolo.

Bermensolo played the waiting game Friday morning in the newsroom when the clock struck ten a.m. She was stuck with a lot of other people in the virtual waiting room.

“This has been the most stressful 12 minutes of my life,” said Bermensolo.

People were not allowed to wait outside the Spokane Arena for tickets for this show. Fans were willing to do it though.

“Oh! I would have stood in line for a week. I want to see Garth so bad,” said country music fan, Bree White.

The Spokane Arena twitter announced a third show was added, then ten minutes later another show was added and another one after that. The shows were added to keep up with ticket sales.

It did not stop there either, Brooks added two more shows so all his fans have a chance to see him perform.

“I’m in! WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP,” said Bermensolo.

“The minute the guy came on the phone and said, ’hi this is Ticket West, what can I do for you,’ I started bawling. And he said are you okay? I said yeah I just really want Garth Brooks tickets,” said White.

Around one p.m. Friday, the Spokane Arena announced they had sold out all seven shows.

They ended up selling a record-amount of tickets to the seven shows in November.