Let’s talk about April.

No, we’re not talking about the month. April is a giraffe who has taken the world by storm.

The 15-year-old pregnant giraffe lives in Harpursville, N.Y., at Animal Adventure Park. But April isn’t your ordinary pregnant giraffe.

She has become a social media sensation.

The KENS 5 live stream of April the giraffe has been a consistent favorite with you, our audience. We’ve noticed that many of our viewers stick around day after day to watch April stand, and sometimes sit, in her pen, just waiting for the big moment.

A spokesman for the park said visitors who have watched April from the beginning had been asking questions about her giving birth, so they decided to set up the live stream to keep people informed the long-necked beauty’s progress.

Those few fans turned into thousands overnight.


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When they started the live stream in February, zoo handlers thought she would give birth any second. But nearly three weeks later, the world is still waiting.

KENS 5 asked loyal members of #TeamApril what has kept them around on our live stream these last few weeks and why they tune in every day.

Some viewers said their obsession started from the first feed. They tuned in to see what it was about and then were hooked. A few viewers are still in school and said the feed is a good way to relax and unwind during midterms.

“I’ve been watching the feeds because I’m a college student and we find joy when we can,” one viewer said.

Many people said that the feed has been not just addictive, but also educational. The experience has given people the opportunity to learn about how a giraffe gives birth, something they wouldn’t have cared about if it hadn’t been for the community following the live feed.

“It’s amazing to watch animals that are in danger having more babies,” another viewer said.


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April and her feed has also brought people from around the world together in ways no one imagined. A few viewers said they are in special giraffe-watching groups. Some of the groups have up to 150 people, including people from all around the world.

“It’s so refreshing to see so many people coming together as one without prejudice,” one of the group’s members said.

Some viewers told us they watch as much as three to four hours a day, while others said they only check in every hour to see what’s going on.

But a few people admitted that they average 12 to 13 hours a day just watching April.

Viewers said they will have April streaming on their phones, laptops, tablets and even their TVs. They are hardcore #TeamApril fans and don’t want to miss a second.

A few viewers admitted to losing a couple of night’s sleep in the beginning because they thought she would give birth at any moment.

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Many of April’s fans are hoping she will give birth within the next couple of days. Some have been watching April’s cycles and guessed the birth could happen between March 11 and March 28. One fan is hoping she’ll wait it out and give birth in the month that bears her name.

Whether April has her baby in one day or 10, everyone just wants the offspring to be healthy.

Even though we are only three months into 2017, we can all agree that April has already won the year.