SPOKANE, Wash. – The 2017 Hoopfest tournament is set to kick off on Saturday, and one local man is certainly happy he made it back to the annual Lilac City event.

For the 28th year in a row, Steve Chandler will take to the court for some 3-on-3 basketball.

Chandler was passing out t-shirts on Friday ahead of the tournament.

“It’s almost like a family reunion,” he said. “We walk out on the court and see the same people all the time. It’s a lot of laughter; it’s a good group.”

Chandler said it is the good times and laughs that keep him – a Spokane native – coming back every year.

“The size of tournament has grown tremendously one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that people are coming out to have fun,” he said.

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Over the years, he has obviously both won and lost games, but he said his greatest victory was getting to coach his kids and watch them compete.

Chandler said while he does not know how many more tournaments he has in him, but he plans to try to make it to 30.

“Just enjoy the game,” he said. “There’s no secret to it.”

Chandler has competed in every Hoopfest since the event started.