SPOKANE, Wash.-- Donations from Hoopfest and its sponsors give kids in the Inland Northwest opportunities they might not have otherwise.

Staff members at the Boys and Girls Club said the equipment and basketball court on site are used by the kids every day.

Boys and Girls Club Director, Corey Crownhart said the resources donated by these organizations teaches kids more than how to play sports.

“Basketball is so much more to these kids than just a sport. It's an opportunity to learn about conflict resolution. It's an opportunity to build relationships, and to build a positive community. That's what this is really doing for our kids,” said Crownhart.

The Boys and Girls Club will have 10 teams competing in Hoopfest this weekend. They are also planning a pep rally next week to celebrate.

The Boys and Girls Club is still accepting applications for their summer program.

Hoopfest accepts funding requests from organizations promoting participation in athletics.